What is the Best Whole House Water Filtration System? 

There are several different types of whole house water filtration systems. Let’s take a look at the Pelican Premium, Aquasana AF, SpringWell CF, and iSpring WGB32BM. These systems remove many contaminants and are certified by the NSF. 

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Pelican Premium 

The Pelican Premium whole house water filtration filter comes with everything you need to get started – a tank, pre-filter, and installation guide. The best part is that you don’t need any plumbing experience or professional help to install it. Even better, the filters and housing are durable and can last for decades. The unit also comes with a one-year warranty. 

The Pelican Premium whole house water filtration filter system features a 4-stage filtration process. Its high-grade activated carbon (GAC) is made from coconut shells, preventing the growth of bacteria and chemicals. In addition, it removes up to 96.6% of chlorine and dozens of other contaminants from your water. 

SpringWell CF 

The SpringWell CF whole house water filtration systems are an excellent option for people who want to save on water bills while improving the quality of their drinking water. The company’s filters are built to last and use the highest quality materials. They are made in the United States and come with all of the parts you’ll need to complete a typical installation. Installation kits include everything you need to complete the installation yourself, including the bypass valve. The installation kit also includes step-by-step instructions and a customer support phone line. The CF systems are suitable for homes that use city water. The price is right, too. 

The CF series of whole house water filtration systems utilize three filtration technologies: sediment pre-filter, KDF media, and coconut shell carbon. These filtration systems remove 99.6% of chlorine, chloramine, and other common contaminants from water. They are also equipped with a proprietary internal design flow, which allows the water to pass through all stages of filter media simultaneously, removing the maximum amount of contaminants from the water entering your home. 

Aquasana AF 

The Aquasana AF whole house water filter system is a great way to get clean water for your home. It is designed to filter out 97 percent of chlorine and other contaminants from your tap water. The system also controls the minerals that cause limescale buildup. The system also eliminates the need for conventional water softeners. The system also includes a UV purifier, which kills pathogens with light. 

The system costs a bit more than other systems, but it does offer some features that are worth considering. For starters, the system’s base unit includes an ultra-fine carbon filter, a pre-filter, and a carbon block. The system also features a softener and a salt-based softener. The price of the system may be intimidating at first, but it will pay off in the long run. Another good feature of the system is its high-flow filter, known as Claryum. This filter style is easy to install and maintain, and it has excellent filtering certifications. 

iSpring WGB32BM 

The WGB32BM is a point-of-entry whole-house water filtration system that filters water at the source and every output point in your home. It uses three stages of filtration to remove various impurities from your water, beginning with a 5-micron polypropylene sediment filter in stage one. This filter is important for removing larger particles that may clog subsequent filters. 

A typical 2-stage water filter has a flow rate of three to six GPM, which may be limited by your plumbing system. However, it’s important to consider the specific water filter cartridge, as it can affect your flow rate. The heavy-duty sediment filter in this system removes sand, sediment, and rust from water. It has a maximum flow rate of 10 GPM, which is more than enough for most people. 

DuPont SCWH-5 

With the DuPont SCWH-5 whole house water filter system, you can enjoy clean, filtered water from your taps without the worry of contaminants. This unit can filter contaminants down to five microns and reduce chlorine taste and odor. It also helps eliminate rust, sediment, and dirt. Its two filter cartridges can last up to three months and can filter 15,000 gallons of water. 

This whole house water filtration system is designed to remove contaminants and protect the water supply lines in your home. It removes microscopic particles and rust, protects your pipes, and improves the taste and smell of your water. It comes with a filter, housing, and a filtration head.