Frequently Asked Questions

Billing Questions

Billing runs from the 24th to the 24th of every month.

Your bill will arrive at or around the 24th of each month depending on your billing method.

Yes! Simply call in with your desired email and ask to be put on paperless billing.

If you paid after the 24th of the month or we were unable to enter the payment until after the 24th of the month, then the payment will not show on your current bill and we can not make it show on your bill until the current billing cycle ends.

Unfortunately, we do not offer online payments. Our billing provider simply refuses to remove that information from our paperless bills.

There are three options when making a payment,

– Mail in a payment to 101 N. Grant St. Missoula MT 59801
– Call in with your card number
– Ask us to set up auto-pay
**Please always sign your checks

***We do not have any online payment options

Home Owned / Rented Systems

Yes! Simply contact us and we can set up the account and rental agreement for you.

Absolutely! It doesn’t matter what system you have, we will happily help you out! Contact us for more information or ask about a service call.

Unfortunately, we do not enter into “Rent to Own” contracts.

When renting with McGowan only 100% of the first year of rent will come off the total purchase price.

This means that exactly one year from the day you signed the rental agreement, any further rent paid will not be taken off the purchase price as stated in the rental contract.

Well Water

This is best answered by both a Yes and a No.

Wells are your very own water source and each and every well is different. While you might have safe and clean water, your neighbor could be dealing with iron, hard water, a low pH, and more.

We highly suggest having your new well tested for contaminants (Iron, Bacteria, Arsenic, etc.) before consuming any of the water.

Yes, the purpose of water softeners and filtration systems is to create safe and healthy drinking water. They are not meant to harm you, but to keep both you and your home safe.

System Related

Each and every water filter has been built with the same common goal – To remove a contaminant(s) from your water in order to create safe and healthy drinking water for you, your family, your business, and your home.

Water softeners can be installed in insulated and heated pump houses, but they can not be installed outside, such as an air conditioner would be.

If a water softener were to be installed outside, it would freeze solid and break in the winter.

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