What They Do

water softener is a whole-house filtration system that removes hardness causing calcium, magnesium and other minerals from your water through a process called Ion Exchange.

A water softener addresses one of the most prevalent and devastating water problems: hard water. Scale builds up in your pipes, clogging them, and decreasing water pressure.

How They Work

Ion-exchange water softeners have two or more tanks. One softener tank contains the resin beads, while the other tank contains salt and at the bottom a salty brine solution. The resin beads in the ion-exchange system are positively charged and are coated with negatively charged sodium ions.

The minerals contained in hard water are also negatively charged. When hard water passes over the resin beads, the minerals contained in the water are attracted away from the water and towards the resin beads. At the same time, the sodium ions which had been attached to the resin beads are attracted to the water molecule. This exchange of mineral ions for sodium ions allows the water molecule to maintain a balanced charge.

The water leaving the system is soft and the hard minerals which were in the water are left behind on the resin beads.

Curious About Our Salt?

The Benefits

Without a water softener, laundry demands extra detergent to prevent it from looking dingy. Dishes will come out of your dishwasher streaked and stained. 

Filmy scum builds up on your shower curtains and your soap and shampoo will not lather. Bathing in hard water leaves your skin itchy and dry and your hair lifeless and sticky. 

Scale builds up in your pipes, clogging them, and decreasing water pressure. Scale dramatically shortens the lifespan of appliances like dishwashers, coffee makers, and washing machines.

The sheer amount of time, energy, and money required to clean up the detrimental side effects of hard water are dizzying. Yet, all these house hold headaches can disappear. The difference is just a phone call away. 


What We Offer

We offer a functionality level water softener as a cost effective alternative to our “deluxe” softeners. While lower in price, we assure you the quality is not diminished, but like all softeners, it is not guaranteed to fix all of your water needs. 

This is why, before installing anything, a member of our team will test your water to ensure we are offering the correct equipment to help you achieve safe and healthy drinking water.

Our deluxe water softeners come from Hague International. Being a regional dealer means we have everything you need to achieve safe and healthy drinking water where ever you live. This includes motor-homes, offices, she sheds, and more. 

We currently work with six different Hague Softeners. One of which is completely customizable to your water. For example; With the right choice of media stored in the two or three-compartment chambers, we can treat hard water and iron at the same time or the chlorine taste of city water and a low PH. Why have two systems taking up twice the space and double the cost when you only need one. 

The most popular water softener we work with though is the Hague Maximizer (pictured above). Not only does this system have high mesh resin, vacuum packed to efficiently treat more with a built-in self cleaning 5 micron carbon filter but it also comes with a 25 year warranty. 

If neither of these sound right for you then please contact us. We are happy to test your water and explain exactly what you need to achieve safe and healthy drinking water.


Our Hague softeners