McGowan Bottled Water Review 

Whether you’re trying to save money, or you just want to support a local business, McGowan Bottled water might be the perfect choice for you. The company’s bottles have an attractive, clean design and are made from recycled materials. 

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While they may look like they’re meant to hold a can of beer, this water is actually sourced from a spring in Arkansas. It’s a little pricier than some of the lower-end options down the list, but it’s also really, really refreshing and doesn’t have any chemicals or preservatives to worry about. 

The bottle’s color and texture are reminiscent of a baby bottle, which is a nice touch for people who are more concerned with substance over style. The water inside is clean and refreshing, with a hint of minty delight that you don’t find in many other options on this list. 

It’s also a lot cheaper than you might think, so it’s a good option for people on a budget who don’t care about the brand name or aesthetic. The water is filtered through carbon and has a slightly tangy flavor, so you may want to drink it on its own or mix it with another beverage for the best experience. 

There are a few things you should know before buying bottled water: 

Bottled water is not the same as tap water and can contain contaminants such as heavy metals, bacteria, and fluoride. It’s important to check the label for the exact ingredients in order to avoid harmful additives. 

Some bottled waters contain artificial sweeteners or colors to make them taste better. These can have an impact on the taste and odor of the water, so you should choose a brand that’s transparent about its ingredients. 

The FDA considers bottled water to have an unlimited shelf life, as long as the bottles are stored in a cool area and are not opened. The bottles should be discarded once they are no longer usable. 

If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of bottled water, consider switching to a refillable bottle or choosing a reusable model. A refillable bottle can save you a lot of money and reduce the amount of waste you produce. 

You can even get a free refillable bottle when you sign up for an account with the company. Depending on your location, you could also receive a discount on your next order. 

A few other things to keep in mind before you buy bottled water: 

Some bottled waters contain fluoride, which can help strengthen teeth. However, you should be sure to read the label and contact the manufacturer of the product if you’re concerned about the amount of fluoride in the water. 

If fluoride is added, it must be included on the label. Some bottled waters contain sodium, which can affect the amount of salt in your body and increase your risk of high blood pressure. 

While bottled water is more expensive than tap water, it can be healthier for your health in the long run. It’s a great way to avoid sugary sodas and other beverages that can contain too much salt and calories. It can also keep you hydrated, which is especially important in hot weather.