Evelyn McGowan Waters – A Woman of Action 

A quick Google search will reveal that Evelyn McGowan Waters is not only the wife of former President Robert F. Waters, but she was also a well-known travel agent and was actively involved in the Catholic church. For many years she volunteered with Meals on Wheels. She passed away in September at the age of 97. She will be laid to rest at Sage Hill Cemetery in High Point. 

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While Evelyn McGowan Waters’ death is a sobering loss, it does not have to be a depressing one. She was a generous soul and did much to contribute to her community. She was active in the Catholic church, she served as a volunteer for Meals on Wheels, and she even walked in an Alzheimer’s fundraiser in her husband’s honor. The best thing about her was that she was very real and very human. She was not afraid to admit it. 

She was also a woman of action, and was a hands on type who loved a good challenge. She was involved in several local organizations, including the Women’s Forum, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Pennybyrn Neighborhood Association. She was a tireless advocate for children’s issues, and even helped establish a library at the Pennybyrn Public Library. In the end, it was her spirit and her grit that won out in the end. 

Maxine Waters had a lot to say, and she didn’t disappoint. She wowed the audience with a plethora of well-researched, informative speeches. Her eulogies were no less impressive, as were her speeches at the Women’s Convention and at the Republican and Democratic debates. While her speech in the Senate was not very well received, her speech in the House was more than just a rehash of the same old talk. She spoke about some of the important issues of the day, including equal pay for equal work, paid parental leave, and a healthy respect for women in the workforce. Among her most laudable contributions were her leadership and the establishment of the Waters Family Foundation, a charity that supports women and girls in need. 

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