What Is Water Bottled? 

Bottled water is a source of drinking water that is packaged in a sanitary container and sealed. It is often filtered tap water, but can also come from a natural spring. If the water is treated properly, it is clean and safe to drink. But the industry has faced controversy for its environmental impact. 

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The bottled water industry has become an $8 billion industry in the United States. While this is not a huge percentage of the total food and beverage industry, it is still important. Some companies are dedicated to reducing their impact on the environment and some have taken steps to do so. 

When looking at bottled water, one must consider what happens to the bottles once they leave the plant. Depending on where it is stored, the water may revert to contaminants. A contaminated water source can lead to serious illness. In an emergency, bottled water can save lives. 

Bottled water can be purchased in almost any store. It is easy to carry. The label tells you what the water is made of. Many brands are touting the fact that their product is all natural and fat free. Whether or not it is a good choice, it’s up to you to choose the right one for your needs. 

The FDA has set standards for bottled water. However, they are not the same rules as those for tap water. For example, a company can only advertise that their water is all-natural if the source has been certified to meet these standards. Other rules include a requirement to disclose if they added any additives to the water. This is important because some chemicals, called obesogens, can interfere with hormones and contribute to obesity. 

Another thing to look for on a bottled water label is a date. Manufacturers add a date to their bottles to ensure the water is safe. Depending on the source, the date may indicate whether or not the water was disinfected. 

Using the latest technology, manufacturers are able to filter out a number of contaminants. They can use reverse osmosis, ozonation, distillation, and de-ionization. Choosing the best bottled water for your needs can depend on your health status and your lifestyle. Choosing a bottled water that is disinfected against the parasite Cryptosporidium can protect you from illness. 

Most bottled water is produced by local family entrepreneurs who are committed to maintaining a clean and pristine water supply. These companies do their best to adhere to strict regulations in order to protect their local communities and their sources. 

Although many people are hesitant to use bottled water, it can be a great source of healthy hydration. The bottled water industry has a long and storied history. The bottled water industry is now a vital part of our daily lives. 

Bottled water is available in most grocery stores. However, many consumers are unaware of the regulations and misinformation associated with the industry. There are federal regulations and state laws regulating bottled water.