McGowan Bottled Water 

McGowan Water offers a range of bottled water solutions to improve your home’s quality of life. From water filters and iron removal systems to distilled and filtered waters, they have you covered. The company even has a variety of options for commercial and residential use. They also offer a free water check to keep your plumbing system in tip-top condition. Whether you need to replace your faucet or install a new system, they can help. 

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McGowan is also known for its innovative and environmentally conscious approach to drinking water. This includes the Waterwise Denmark program, which includes a free showerhead replacement and a home plumbing check. As well as the aforementioned, the EPA has mandated that bottled water be subjected to stricter standards for contaminants. While the quality of water in rural areas may not be as good as that in urban centers, it is better than nothing. In fact, they have already implemented the first stage of their new water treatment plant in the Murchison region. 

In addition to the aforementioned, the company has been responsible for delivering the new water treatment plants to the Murchison area. The new facilities feature state-of-the-art technology, and are expected to be online by early 2022. Their newest additions are the Cue and Meekatharra water treatment plants, which are expected to improve the water quality of the Mid-West. Both water treatment facilities are part of a $24 million project to improve the water quality in the area. 

The new plants feature electrodialysis reversal, which uses a high-powered magnet to reduce naturally occurring nitrates in groundwater. They are also the newest in a string of advanced water treatment facilities that the McGowan Government has installed in the Mid-West over the past four years. These include a number of water softeners and filters, reverse osmosis units, water coolers and other water filtration and distribution devices. 

Aside from the state of the art facilities that the company is responsible for, the company has an excellent track record for providing top-notch service to its clients. Some of the most seasoned technicians in the business can be found at the company’s headquarters in Kingston. In addition to a large fleet of maintenance vehicles, the team of professionals at McGowan Water can deliver water on-demand and even help out with small plumbing jobs. Having a local company you can count on is essential in a time of economic uncertainty. 

The water company can also assist you in finding the best possible filtration solutions to meet the needs of your home, business or school. Contact them today to find out how their products can make a positive impact on your life