What is the cost of a water treatment system from McGowan Water Conditioning? 

There are many factors to consider when buying a whole house water filtration system, including the type of contaminants you want to remove from your well water and how often you need to replace filters. Typically, a whole-house filtration system for well water costs $700-$4,500 to buy and about $60-$800 per year to maintain. 

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The first thing to decide is what kind of contaminant removal you need. Look for a system that tackles the worst offenders, such as heavy metals, lead, pesticides, and chemical disinfectants like chlorine and bleach. Then, choose a filter that’s affordable and easy to maintain. 

Filtration Systems:

There are several types of whole house filtration systems for well water, including tank-based, cartridge, and oxidation systems. Each of these systems has its own unique set of maintenance costs and lifespans. 

Cartridge systems consist of a series of filters, such as carbon and KDF, designed to target a wide range of contaminants in well water. They often include a sediment filter, which is used to treat turbid water, and a carbon post-filter that helps prevent the buildup of iron oxides. 

The average price for a cartridge system is $800-$3,200, depending on the number of cartridges and the lifespan of the filter. Oxidation systems are usually more expensive than cartridge systems, but they require less frequent maintenance. 

If you need to remove a large number of dissolved solids, then an oxidation system is your best bet. These systems use an oxygen pocket and a media bed, such as brim or manganese greensand, to oxidize iron, manganese, and sulfur. 

Other popular types of well water filtration systems include UV purifiers, acid neutralizers, and sediment filters. A UV purification system treats contaminated water with ultraviolet light, which scrambles the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and protozoans. Sediment filters remove large particles of rust, dust, and other debris from the well water. 

These are usually included as a part of a multi-stage filtration system but can be purchased as standalone systems. The cost of a sediment system for well water is about $60-$150 upfront, depending on the design and lifespan of the filter. 

Installation is an additional fee that can vary by professional but usually runs $150-$600. Some installers charge an hourly rate while others provide a flat fee for the entire job. 

Labor rates for water softener and filtration system installation depend on the complexity of the project. The more complicated the installation, the higher the labor costs. 

The cost of a water filtration system is also dependent on the size of your plumbing and how many contaminants you need to remove. If you have a larger home with more occupants, you may need a more powerful filtration system to remove all of the contaminants. 

A water filtration system can improve the health of your family by removing dangerous contaminants from your well water. It can also make your home feel and smell better. If you don’t have a filtration system, you should get one as soon as possible to protect your health and the plumbing in your home.