McGowan Bottled Waters Review 

Bottled water has come a long way in the last decade. While many people still depend on their home wells for their drinking water, many are now enjoying the convenience of tap. Despite the convenience, some residents are questioning the safety of bottled waters. This is especially true in rural areas. 

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For starters, a bottle of bottled water is a lot more expensive than the same amount of tap water. Additionally, there are a number of environmental and health concerns surrounding the bottled water industry. In particular, bottled water companies are not required to tell customers if their products contain contaminants. It is also difficult to verify a bottle’s ingredients, and the process of collecting a sample is cumbersome. 

On the other hand, the industry is also quite good at marketing its products. For instance, it is not uncommon to find a bottled water company advertising its latest and greatest product lines on television. To further the consumer’s experience, a bottled water company can provide its customer with a free taste test. 

The biggest difference between bottled and tap water is the source. While a bottled water is produced from a well, tap water is sourced from a nearby river or lake. Some cities have a filtration system that filters the water before it is delivered to homes, making tap water safer and more drinkable. Tap water is a convenient and inexpensive option, and is available at most restaurants and public drinking fountains. A bottled water company’s filtration systems may also be able to help ease the worries of home owners. 

One interesting fact is that a single bottle of bottled water is disposed of in a landfill somewhere, a fact that can be said of nearly 38 billion bottles of water produced every year. And, while the cost to produce a bottle of bottled water is low, the process of disposing of it is not. Therefore, the recycling and reuse of bottled water is a good idea. 

One might not expect a bottled water company to be the source of a high-tech solution, but that is exactly what McGowan Water Conditioning is. The company offers a wide variety of services, including the latest in filtration technologies, to give its clients a healthier drink. Along with providing its consumers with top-quality filtered and distilled water, the company also offers maintenance on its systems, and even custom labeled bottles for advertising purposes. When compared to other bottled water companies, McGowan Water Conditioning stands out in the crowd. 

For example, it is possible to get the same quality of filtered water in the same amount of time that it takes to fill a glass of tap water. Furthermore, the company is also able to provide a range of delivery options, from the smallest one gallon bottles to the largest, and even installs filtration systems on site. So, when it comes to choosing a water company for your home, McGowan Water Conditioning is the name to remember.