What Are the Best Water Filtration Systems? 

If you’re interested in water filtration systems for your home, there are many options available. Some of the most popular water filtration systems are reverse osmosis, activated carbon, mixed media, and UV filters. You can choose which type of filtration is best for you based on the kind of water you want to filter. 

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Aquasana Rhino 

The Rhino water filtration system reduces up to 97% of chlorine and other harmful contaminants from regular tap water. It also helps reduce the concentration of sediment, water soluble metals, and pesticides. The entire house filter also offers an eco-friendly scale prevention feature. 

Home Master HMF3SDGFEC 

This home water filtration system offers a massive 15-gallon filter housing that handles 56.8 liters per minute of water pressure. The massive filter housings have 1 inch ports to allow the strongest water pressure possible. 

Aquamira Water Treatment Drops 

The Aquamira water treatment drops are an effective filtration system for contaminated water. This system requires a little patience and can treat up to 30 gallons of water. It comes with two separate bottles – part A and part B. To use the drops, you must mix seven drops of Part A with seven drops of Part B. For best results, you should mix the solution for at least five minutes. 

MSR Guardian Purifier 

The MSR Guardian Purifier is one of the top water filtration systems available on the market. It is designed with two thick tubes, a prefilter, and a pumping chamber. The pumping chamber pushes the water into the bottom chamber, while the second tube pushes it out the upper end. The filter has a 10,000-liter lifespan, and the water filter can withstand cold temperatures and falls. 

LifeStraw Peak Gravity 3L 

The LifeStraw Peak Gravity 3L is an effective water filtration system that protects your drink against microplastics, bacteria, and parasites. This filtering system also removes sand, silt, and cloudiness from water. Its premium materials make it sturdy and durable. This system is built for any occasion, from a picnic to a long hike. It can be used as a straw or large squeeze bottle and is leak-proof. 

Aquagear Microfilter 

According to the manufacturers of Aquagear Microfilter, it is able to remove up to 2,000 times more contaminants than other water filter pitchers. This means that it is more effective than Brita in removing pesticides, herbicides, and emerging contaminants. For example, while a Brita pitcher might remove fluoride, Aquagear is effective at removing PFAS (Perfluorinated Aromatic Hydrocarbons). 

Platypus QuickDraw 

The Platypus QuickDraw water filtration systems are designed to filter water in a variety of forms, from tap water to bottled water. It is easy to use and features a dual-thread design that makes it compatible with many popular soda and water bottles.