How to Use Water Filtration in Subnautica?

One of the main ways to create large amounts of drinking water in Subnautica is through water filtration. This method requires the use of a blueprint and uses energy in the base. The water that you will use will then need to be disinfected with bleach. To create this disinfected water, you will need salt deposits and coral tubes samples. 

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Bladderfish are unique herbivores that live at the bottom of the ocean. They can filter seawater and air into their body cavities through a membrane surrounding their spine. This membrane has the ability to contract and angle in order to expel water. This helps them achieve low-speed guided propulsion. However, they are nearly immobile at night. 

One of the most common ways to filter dirty water in Subnautica is to gather Bladderfish. The small passive fish can be found in the Grand Reef or Safe Shallows. The fish are slow but can be caught easily at night. Once collected, they can be processed into bottles of Filtered Water that can fill the player’s H2O level. Water can also be filtered by using a Fabricator. 


The stillsuit is a device that can process and filter your body’s liquid waste and turn it into drinkable Reclaimed Water. However, this isn’t the healthiest method of hydration away from base, and it depletes your Food meter by three points. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to stay hydrated in sub-zero temperatures without relying on bottled water. 

While this equipment does not support your entire water needs, it can greatly reduce the amount of water you lose while traveling. It also recycles your bodily fluids, so you won’t have to rely on water bottles or containers. This equipment can also help you avoid water loss when traveling long distances. 


In Subnautica, you can grow plants for water filtration. These are useful for your health, but they can also be used to grow food and flowers. In the game, you can grow six types of plants, each of which has different uses. Some of these plants are good for water filtration while others are good for satisfying your hunger and thirst. 

Besides providing water, Subnautica plants also give you food, and some of them can even increase your water level. You can find these plants throughout the oceans, and some of them are even farmable. After you visit the floating Islands, you’ll have access to farmable sections for these plants. The disadvantage of using these consumable plants is that they get spoiled quickly. 

Water filtration machine 

A Subnautica water filtration machine is a unique device that makes it possible for you to create large quantities of drinkable water. It’s a great way to keep yourself hydrated in areas where the ocean is too salty for drinking. The machine uses 51 units of energy per minute and can be found in several locations, including Wrecks, Bulb Zones, and Dunes. 

The Water Filtration Machine can be constructed at your underwater base, and is a great way to turn saltwater into drinkable water. It will provide you with a large supply of water for about half an hour, and it can fill a large water bottle worth 50 H2O every 15 minutes. You can find the blueprint for the machine at the Omega Lab and Outpost Zero, and it can also be obtained from the Habitat Building.