7 Ways to Use Water Cooler Chat in the Workplace 

A water cooler can be a very useful tool in your workplace. Not only can it provide your employees with fresh, cold water, but it can also encourage staff members to have meaningful conversations about work and life. 

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The best way to use a water cooler is to create a relaxed atmosphere where people can talk openly and freely. This can make a huge difference in your company culture and employee engagement levels. 

  1. Water Cooler Chat Improves Employee Engagement

One of the biggest problems in the workplace is disengagement. Usually, this is caused by a lack of communication, which can be detrimental to staff members and their productivity levels. This is especially true when it comes to remote workers. Providing employees with the opportunity to chat about their hobbies and interests around the water cooler can help them get back on track, build friendships, and grow the business. 

  1. Water Cooler Chat Reduces Social Anxiety

A lot of people in the workplace struggle with social anxiety and this can affect how they communicate. By allowing staff members to mingle and discuss topics that are of interest to them, you can help those with social anxiety overcome their fears. 

  1. Water Cooler Chat Helps Employee Retention

A large number of people leave their jobs for a variety of reasons. Often, these reasons can be traced back to how they feel about their workplaces. When employees are happy and comfortable, they will stay at the job longer. 

  1. Water Cooler Chat Reduces Discouraging Attitude

When employees don’t have time to relax and talk with their peers, they can be more irritable and disruptive. In turn, this can impact your company’s productivity levels and engagement levels. 

  1. Water Cooler Chat Keeps Your Employees Healthy

Getting up and moving can be very beneficial to your staff members’ health. This can help them decompress from the stress of the day and focus better on their work. 

  1. Water Cooler Chat Reaches Out To Other Departments

Having staff members who can talk to each other outside of the office can help them build stronger relationships within their departments. It can also help people to build a better sense of community, which can lead to happier, healthier employees overall. 

  1. Water Cooler Chat Saves Money

By using a water cooler instead of disposable plastic bottles, you’re making your business more sustainable and “green.” You will also be saving your building from the expense of ordering plastic water jugs that can end up in landfills. 

  1. Water Cooler Chat Creates Great Ideas and Solutions

Taking time to chat with your team about the water cooler can be very helpful when it comes to brainstorming and ideating new ways to improve the business. This can result in new and innovative products that your customers will love. 

  1. Water Cooler Chat Promotes Health and Safety

Having a water cooler in your workplace is an important part of any well-run business. It is important to clean it regularly and ensure that it is safe for your employees and guests to use.