How to Set Up a Water Cooler?

Creating a virtual water cooler is a great way to increase productivity, build relationships, and enhance teamwork among employees. This is because it offers remote workers a way to connect, communicate, and bond with others. It also helps to establish company culture and promote innovation. 

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While many people associate a water cooler with a place to talk and joke, it can actually be a great hub for teamwork. A virtual water cooler can provide a location where all employees can go to relax, brainstorm, and share ideas and information with each other. When used in conjunction with video conferencing, it can make communication easier and facilitate the overall environment. 

A virtual water cooler can be a physical location, such as a kitchen, or it can be an online space. For example, a Dialpad virtual water cooler can be a space where users can host free video meetings, participate in instant messaging, and even make phone calls. These meetings can last up to five hours, and participants can join with a click on any Internet-connected device. Using the Dialpad platform, you can create group chats based on interests or topics, or invite users to join a specific group. 

The Dialpad application is a unified communications platform that works across PC, iOS, and Android. Users can set up video meetings, send invitations, and engage in free VoIP and text messages. You can also send invitations and join video meetings through a link. 

Dialpad is a virtual water cooler that has been created to help employees and their teams connect through video conferencing. By using the system, employees can connect with each other in real time and on their own schedule. Teams can connect asynchronously and leave notes on a whiteboard. With this system, a virtual water cooler can be a snack table, a place to plan an event, or even a virtual co-working space. 

Depending on the type of remote worker, a virtual water cooler can offer an asynchronous means of communication. This can be useful for those who want to communicate with their co-workers but who don’t feel comfortable sending an email. However, it can also be a place where employees can connect asynchronously and post messages or memes. 

A Dialpad water cooler can be a convenient way for remote workers to make connections and improve the workplace culture. In addition, the Dialpad platform is feature-rich. You can host a meeting for up to 150 people. Participants can join by clicking a link in the app or on a desktop or smartphone. And because the app is open to all, you can share the link with colleagues, friends, or family. 

Virtual water coolers are a great way to build teamwork, a culture of creativity, and an overall sense of belonging. They can surface important links and allow teams to connect on their own schedule. Not only can they be a good tool for teambuilding, they can also improve the overall digital employee experience.