How To Clean Waters Cooler Dispenser?

Your water cooler is the one place where you can have access to great-tasting and healthful water anytime, so it’s important that you keep it clean. Microbes love moisture and they can easily find their way into your body, especially if you haven’t cleaned your dispenser in a while. 

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You can use either a solution of chlorine bleach or distilled white vinegar to clean your dispenser. Make sure to wear gloves to prevent contact with any toxic chemicals. 

Fill the reservoir with your cleaning solution and leave it in for 15 minutes. If your water cooler has a spigot on both ends, dispense the cleaning solution from both taps to avoid clogging the spigot. This can be done multiple times to ensure that the cooler is fully sanitized. 

When the solution is full, drain the spigots and fill them again with fresh water. Scrub the sides of the spigots and the inside of the cooler with a clean scrubbing brush. Rinse thoroughly and taste the water to be sure there is no chlorine taste or odor. 

Step Two: Remove the filter, baffle and cooler top (these may be different names depending on your cooler). If you have a no-spill device, remove it as well. Then, take off the drip tray and put the parts in a sink to be cleaned. Some models are dishwasher safe, but check the manual. 

Once you’ve completed the steps for the bottom-loading unit, remove the water bottle and turn off the power button(s) on the back of the unit. You can then empty and drain all the water from the unit using the spigots on both ends, or by pressing down the spigots to remove any spilled water from the bottom compartment. 

You’ll want to drain the spigots as much water as possible from the unit, or until there’s no residual chlorine taste or odor. Once the spigots are clear, refill them with a new water bottle and press the spigots to dispense fresh water. You can repeat this process until there’s no residual chlorine taste or smell from the water. 

If you’re not comfortable doing this, there are plenty of companies that offer professional water cooler cleaning services to help you keep your water dispenser healthy and clean. Many of them also provide sanitation kits for customers to use. The kits contain a wide range of items that you can use to get your water cooler back in tip-top shape.