How to Clean Water Filtration System?

It’s important to clean your water filtration system on a regular basis. This ensures that it is working efficiently. In addition, it helps to reduce the overall cost of the unit. 

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Cleaning your water filtration system can be done on your own, or you may want to call in a professional. The process varies depending on the type of filter you have. 

Before beginning, make sure you have access to the system. Many water filtration systems have filters that need to be changed every six to nine months. If you don’t replace the filters, your filter will begin to clog. Also, if you don’t use your filter, you might be inadvertently introducing contaminants into the water. 

Most water filtration systems include a pre-filter and a membrane. These are used to remove silt and sediment before water can pass through the membrane. The pre-filter can be removed and cleaned with a cleaning solution, such as oxalic or muriatic acid. 

For reverse osmosis systems, the membrane needs to be replaced every two to three years. Reverse osmosis systems are designed to push the water through a semipermeable membrane. Once the water passes through the membrane, it is separated from salt and other impurities. 

The membrane also improves the taste of the water. Some systems have a salt bridge that separates the salt from the water. To remove the salt, you must break it up. You can either soak the filter in a bucket filled with a mixture of oxalic acid and muriatic acid, or you can buy a pre-mixed solution. 

If you use a carbon filter, you will need to dispose of the old carbon media before you can insert a new cartridge. When you remove the old carbon, you will need to rinse it with a solution of dish soap and water. After you have rinsed the cartridge, you can add new carbon media and replace the o-ring. 

Newer model point of use water filters are optimized to prevent the spread of germs. They require 10 minutes of cleaning each six to twelve month period. While the cleaning process can be time consuming, you should only be cleaning your filter when it makes sense to do so. 

A whole house filter is made up of carbon media. This media traps debris, dirt, and harmful germs. Your whole house water filter will need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly to keep your system running smoothly. However, you will need to follow certain precautions when using bleach to clean it. 

Other common maintenance tasks involve replacing the filters. A mechanical filter can be a mesh-type filter or a basic mesh that is able to catch larger debris. Carbon filters are good at removing chlorine and other chemicals, as well as bad odors. There are various types of carbon filters, including granular activated carbon and granular carbon. 

In addition to replacing the filters, you should also replace the membrane. If you’re not sure how to do this, ask your manufacturer.