How to Clean Out a Water Cooler? 

If you want to keep your water cooler in good condition, it is important to regularly clean out the parts that come into contact with your drinking water. This includes the pipes, radiator, and heatsink that are connected to the cooler’s pump. Keeping these parts clean will prevent the build-up of mineral deposits and bacteria. 

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You should clean out your water cooler at least once a month, depending on how frequently you use it. This will ensure that you are receiving clean, fresh-tasting water from your cooler. 

To do this, follow the steps below:

Step One: Disconnect your water cooler from the electrical outlet and remove a bottle from the unit. Make sure that you do not have any other electronic devices plugged into the same outlet. This will help avoid any possible water-to-electricity contact that could potentially lead to damage or even death. 

STEP Two: Fill a bucket with warm water and pour in half of a cup of undiluted vinegar. Let the solution sit for about 2-5 minutes, but no longer. Then drain it into a separate container and flush it down the toilet or sink. 

Alternatively, you can also add 1 tablespoon of household bleach to 3 liters of water and wipe the inside of your cooler’s reservoir with it. This will also remove any build-up of corrosion and rust. 

Once you’ve rinsed the reservoir with the vinegar or bleach, you can drain it and fill it up with clean bottled water. Do this about four times to ensure that all the traces of bleach or vinegar are gone from the cooler’s reservoir. 

Then, re-install the baffle and the no-spill device (if your cooler has one). Replace the cooler top and faucets, and you are ready to refill your cooler with fresh water! 

It is important to note that if your cooler has a hot tank, you should remove the baffle and the hot water cork before removing the baffle from the water reservoir. This will prevent chlorine from getting into the hot tank and cause your drinking water to have a chlorine taste. 

STEP Three: Fill a bucket with water and add a little dish soap. Mix it with a sponge and wipe the internal parts of your water cooler, including the reservoir, the lid, the baffle, and the drip tray. 

You can also use a cleaning solution of baking soda and hot water to scrub the interior of your cooler. This will eliminate any bacteria that may have accumulated in the cooler over time. 

Afterward, you can use the same cleaning solution to wash the external parts of your cooler. If your cooler is equipped with a drip tray, you can remove it and clean it as well. 

If you have a re-useable hood, you can place it over the bottle to keep sunlight out and prevent your cooler from rusting. This will help keep your cooler looking great and prolong the life of your appliance.