How Much Does Water Filtration System Cost? 

If you’re considering installing a water filtration system in your home, you might be wondering how much it will cost. There are many factors to consider, including the materials and labor costs involved, and any permits you’ll need. Here is a basic price guide for several different types of water filter systems. 

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Installation costs 

The installation costs of water filtration systems vary greatly depending on the type. Simple under-the-sink systems can cost as little as $100 while larger, whole-house systems can cost $500 or more. Installation is best left to professionals who specialize in these systems. The average time for the installation is two to four hours. 

When choosing a water filtration system, the size should be based on the amount of water that your home uses. This will determine the filtration rate and the cost of the whole system. Depending on the filter type, filtration rates range from eight to fifteen gallons per minute. A professional can help you determine the size and flow rate that is right for your needs. 


The materials cost of a water filtration system depends on the type of filtration unit that is used. A simple 10 to 20 GPM system can cost less than $60,000, but a large 300 GPM system can cost $250,000 or more. The type of materials used and the flow rate will determine the materials cost. 

Most filters have a capital cost associated with their initial purchase and installation. Fiber media filters, for example, require fabric rolls that are expensive to purchase. While most filtration systems do not require much labor for routine maintenance, reverse osmosis systems require specialized labor. 

Labor costs 

The cost of labor to install a water filtration system varies widely. Simple under-sink systems typically cost around $100, while larger whole-house systems can cost $500 or more. Plumbing specialists usually charge 45 to 200 dollars an hour. If you’re a dedicated DIY-er, you can save money by installing the system yourself. However, the biggest hurdle you’ll face is soldering the fittings securely. Check out This Old House’s video below to learn more about this process. 

If you’re considering installing a water filter, it’s important to have the water tested. Testing costs $30 to $500. Once you know the quality of your water, you’ll be able to decide what type of system to purchase. For example, if the water is free of sediment and toxins, then a UV filter might be the best choice. However, if you’re concerned about heavy metals, then a reverse osmosis system may be best. 

Permits required 

Before you install a water filtration system, you must obtain the appropriate permits. There are permits for different types of systems, and it is best to check the permits required for a particular system in your locality. For example, if you are planning to install a water filtration system for an industrial facility, you will need to get a permit from the appropriate agency. 

First, you must submit a permit application. It is necessary for new water withdrawals, as well as for modifications to an existing system. The permit application is filed with the DEC’s Division of Environmental Permits (DEC). If you are not sure how to file an application, you can always call a permit administrator at the DEC’s regional offices.