How Cooler Is It on the Water? 

Have you ever noticed how much cooler the ocean is compared to the air? Depending on where you are along New England’s coastline, the difference could be significant enough to make it worth a trip to your local aquatic establishment. 

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In the water, things like waves and currents do the heavy lifting. In the air, on the other hand, the air takes on a bigger role. 

Optimally positioned and at the right times, these forces work in tandem to keep our waterbodies cool and refreshing. 

The temperature of the water itself is not exactly constant, but it does remain a reasonably uniform temperature throughout the day. 

During the high tides, a good thing to do is check out the ebb and flow of the water to make sure the water quality is up to scratch. 

To help you get started, here are a few tips and tricks to keep your summer waters squeaky clean. Be sure to take note of the temperature readings and don’t forget to use sunscreen on any exposed skin.