How does McGowan Water Conditioning compare to other water treatment companies in the area? 

For 60 years, McGowan has been serving Mankato and southern Minnesota with water conditioning services and products to provide clean water for healthy living. We offer a wide variety of water treatment products—both residential and commercial—for municipal and well water applications including filtration systems, water softeners, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet lights. We offer free professional water testing before suggesting any system and a full range of service, maintenance, and repair for all systems.

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Some of the major brands have a habit of selling softeners only and knowing that the resin inside them (softening media) will break down in heavily chlorinated city water supplies. This can cause the unit to use more salt and not work properly or efficiently after the salt has been removed and replenished with fresh salt. 

Other companies have a bad habit of putting carbon in the softening tanks, and calling them “conditioners.” This causes the softening media to break down even more, as it is almost impossible to remove carbon from the softening media in these systems after the tank has been filled with fresh salt. This is known as “tank sprinkling.” 

McGowan also sells and installs bottled spring water, distilled water, custom-label bottled water for advertising, water coolers and dispensers, and water cups. We are always adding new products and services to our line of water treatment systems, so be sure to stop by to find the right solution for your home or business.