How does drinking quality water improve immune function?  

The immune system plays a major role in maintaining our health. It helps to fight off infections and protects the body from harmful substances. Drinking enough water every day can help improve your immunity and keep you healthy. 

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Immunity Drink Recipes. 

There are plenty of ways you can boost your immune system with a simple glass of water. Add lemon to a glass of water and enjoy the vitamin C benefits, or sip on a warm ginger honey tea to get some extra immune support. 

A healthy diet also has a huge impact on your overall health, including your immune system. This includes eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, avoiding foods high in sugar and saturated fats, and getting adequate sleep. 

Having a strong immune system can help you maintain a healthy weight, avoid diseases, and live longer. It can also help you avoid the common cold, flu and other illnesses that are sweeping the country this season. 

Some of the easiest ways to boost your immunity with water include drinking at least 2.5 liters daily and exercising regularly. However, it is not always easy to remember to take in this much fluid each day. 

In the US, the average person drinks only 2.2 litres of water a day! Dehydration can lead to a number of health issues, from headaches to heart disease. 

If you’re not drinking enough water, your kidneys must work overtime to excrete waste from your cells. This process is hard on your immune system. 

This is why it’s important to ensure your drinking water is clean. You can check your local area for the safety of drinking water, or install a home filtration system to remove contaminants. 

A good quality filtration system will also remove dangerous metals, such as lead, mercury, aluminum and cadmium, from your tap water. These metals are toxic to the body and can cause serious health problems if consumed in excessive quantities. 

Other chemicals in your drinking water can affect the way your thyroid and endocrine glands work, as well as reduce the production of immune cells. These chemicals can also disrupt your digestion, and cause you to develop a host of digestive and cardiovascular conditions. 

The best way to protect your immune system is to make sure you’re drinking quality water and consuming a healthy, balanced diet. A good filtration system is a great way to start, and Culligan of Stockton can help you choose the right one for your needs. 

Why is a Healthy Diet So Important? 

The immune system is the first line of defense against infections, so it’s important to make sure you’re nourishing your body. A balanced diet, including plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and healthy fats, is key to a healthy immune system. 

It also helps you to maintain a healthy weight, and can prevent disease and improve your mood. It can also help you avoid the common flu, cold and other illnesses that are sweeping the country in 2018. 

A healthy immune system will not only help you to stay healthy, but it will help you resist and overcome any infections that may come your way. Keeping your immune system in tip-top shape will also mean you’re less likely to contract illnesses like the COVID-19 virus, which is currently causing a lot of anxiety among Americans.