How do I know the water softeners are effective?

A water softener removes the hard minerals in your home’s water supply. These minerals are often present in excess and cause scale buildup to form on plumbing, fixtures and appliances, reducing the lifespan of such equipment as washing machines, dishwashers and hot water heaters. 

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These hard water minerals can also have a negative impact on your health by preventing you from getting the right amount of calcium and magnesium that is essential for healthy bones, teeth and muscles. Those on strict diets that require high levels of these minerals can rely on water softeners to reduce their intake, but a more effective way to reach the mineral goals of your diet is to include plenty of calcium-rich foods such as dairy products and soybeans. 

Some hard water minerals can even be harmful to your septic system by blocking the bacteria that breaks down waste in the tank. This can cause a build-up of waste and blockage in your tank that could result in overflows into the soil surrounding it. 

You can measure the hardness of your water using a test kit or by visiting an independent laboratory to check it. It’s best to get your water tested before installing a water softener as it will allow you to select the best model for your home’s needs. 

Depending on the type of softener you choose, you may also be able to rid your water of other contaminants such as copper and iron. Some water softeners are designed to specifically remove these substances, while others come with filters that can do this as well. 

A water softener will help prevent rust and scale from building up in your pipes and fixtures, which can lead to costly repairs. Similarly, it will help prevent limescale from building up inside your water heater. 

It can also help prevent corrosion of the copper pipes and fittings in your home. This is especially important if your home has recently been renovated with new copper plumbing. 

There are plenty of water softeners on the market that not only do this, but they are also built to be durable and last a long time. The Fleck 5600SXT is one such water softener that comes with an easy-to-use digital head unit and a bypass valve to make installation hassle-free. 

If you want to be extra sure your water softener is effective, you can always ask the manufacturer if they will give you a free report on how efficient it is in terms of eliminating scale and other unwanted minerals from your water supply. You can also find some models that are available with additional features such as a UV filter to remove germs and bacteria from the water. 

Many homeowners are surprised at just how effective a water softener can be when used properly. Besides removing hard minerals, they can also prevent corrosion of your pipes and other fixtures in your home, helping you avoid costly repairs over the long term.