Where to Buy Water Coolers?

Water coolers are available in many different shapes, sizes, and features. They can be installed in your home or in public areas. Choosing one that is suited to your needs is the best way to ensure that you have a cooler that works properly. A water cooler can also help you reduce the number of plastic bottles you use, which is good for the environment. 

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You can choose from countertop models and freestanding units. If you have a limited amount of space, a countertop model may be your best option. Some models are equipped with storage racks, making it easy to organize your supplies. 

Another popular choice is a bottle-less water cooler. This type of cooler connects to a water line and filters out contaminants before dispensing. It is more expensive than other coolers, but offers environmental benefits and an endless supply of clean water. These coolers are also more portable than bottled water. 

While most coolers are designed to dispense cold water, some are capable of delivering room temperature or piping hot water. Some can even be touchless. The price of these coolers can range from $300 to over $1,000. 

Top loading and bottom loading options are also available. Top load coolers are able to dispense water with light pressure on the paddles, while bottom load options dispense water without turning the spigot. Bottom load coolers tend to be more attractive than top-loading models. 

In addition to the standard spigot, you will find that some models have buttons that allow you to dispense water without having to open the lid. For younger children, this may be more convenient. Be sure to check for leaks and make sure that the handles work smoothly. Also, be sure to select a model that is ground-mounted. 

Several water coolers come with a self-cleaning feature. This means that it will sanitize the water lines and tank. Depending on the manufacturer, some water dispensers will have a nightlight. Additionally, some models have a child safety lock, which prevents accidental use. 

Many water coolers have a compartment that can hold coffee, tea, or snacks. The area will usually be under the spout, making it useful in public spaces. However, be aware that water stored for long periods of time can breed bacteria. Direct sunlight can affect the taste and color of the water, so you should not place your cooler near windows. 

Water coolers can be purchased from department stores or wholesale clubs. There are also many types of water dispensers to choose from, including filtered models that can dispense cold or hot water. 

If you have an empty water jug, you can get a refill at a local water refilling station. Most stores have these refill stations. But, they can be hard to maneuver. Consider purchasing a larger jug to save yourself some trouble. 

If you are planning to buy a water cooler, you may want to consider buying a model that has an energy star rating. Energy-star-rated coolers are approved for their environmentally-friendly features.