What Is the Best Water Cooler? 

Water coolers are a useful tool for anyone who frequently drinks hot beverages or has food that needs to be served quickly. However, not all water dispensers are created equal. Some are designed for home use, while others are meant to be used in public areas such as hotels and bars. When looking for the best water cooler, consider what you want it to do and how often you will be using it. 

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Many water coolers dispense room-temperature water, but there are also units that dispense hot and cold. Choosing a model that dispenses hot water on demand can be a handy choice for people who regularly drink coffee, tea, or other hot beverages. This type of cooler is also perfect for people who frequently serve instant foods to guests. 

In addition to providing cold and hot water, some water coolers also have built-in storage compartments. These include the Silo 6-Gallon Water Cooler, which can hold up to six gallon bottles and has a ColdLock gasket. It also features an RGB design and 140mm fans that provide 66 CFM of airflow. 

Another option for hot water is a top-loading water cooler, which has a traditional office look. Primo’s Top Load Water Dispenser, for example, is a budget-friendly choice. Although it has a filterless design, it also has premium features, such as a dishwasher-safe drip tray, night light, and a stainless steel reservoir. The Brio Moderna water cooler, for example, comes with an ozone self-cleaning feature, which helps remove bacteria and contaminants from the water. 

Lastly, the Avalon bottom-loading water cooler is an excellent choice for home use. It dispenses hot or cold water with a touch of pressure on the paddles, without having to turn the spigots. This cooler is Energy Star certified and has a beautiful stainless steel finish. It is also safe for children. You can choose from a black or white model. 

The hOmelabs water dispenser is a budget-friendly choice for those who do not need a ton of RGB lighting. While it dispenses cold or hot water, it does not have a self-cleaning function. But, it is easy to assemble and quiet to operate. 

For those who do not want to sacrifice style for functionality, the Antarctic Star water cooler is a great option. It is available in a black or white finish and comes with a small ice maker that dispenses up to 4.4 pounds of ice per day. Moreover, it has a two-step child safety lock and LED indicator lights. 

If you need a water cooler that can dispense both cold and hot water, then the Primo Deluxe is a good choice. It is a bottom-loading model that has a night light and a stainless steel reservoir. It is also Energy Star-certified, which means it uses 30 percent less energy than non-certified models. 

When shopping for a water cooler, it is important to look for a unit that is durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. The right cooler can last upwards of a decade with proper care. Several water coolers also come with additional features, such as a self-cleaning feature or an automatic shut off system.