The Life of Frank Waters, Evelyn McGowan Waters, and Maxine Waters 

Frank and Lorna Waters were a well-traveled couple who lived and worked in the United States and Ireland. They had eleven children, one of which was a girl named Colleen. In 1963, the family moved to Shrewsbury. The following year, they were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, which they eventually lost to. Despite this, they remained active members of the Catholic church. 

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They also spent time in Australia. They both enjoyed sports, especially golf. Roberts was an avid player, and he and his wife Mary traveled to Cape Cod and Dennisport for their passion. He loved to bet on horses and told great stories. His thick brogue made him a wonderful storyteller. 

In addition to being a medical professional, Dr. Waters also was a community leader. He and his wife served as a volunteer for Meals on Wheels for many years. She was also a member of the High Point Community Church. After his death, he was buried at Sage Hill Cemetery in High Point. Throughout his life, he was a passionate advocate for children and women. 

He was a tireless advocate for girls, and he founded the Waters Family Foundation to help support their cause. Throughout his life, he was known for his strong work ethic. This helped him achieve the success he had. He and his wife also raised Colleen. 

Maxine Waters was a great speaker, and her eulogies were impressive. Her speech touched on subjects like equal pay for equal work, paid parental leave, and sexual harassment. Though her remarks were not very well received in the Senate, she had a lot to say. 

Maxine Waters was a real woman and a real human being. She was no stranger to controversy, but she never let it get her down. Her speeches were insightful and informative. From her speech at the Women’s March on Washington, to the eulogy she gave at a luncheon in her honor, there was something about her that kept the audience entertained. 

She was a passionate volunteer for Meals on Wheels, and she also walked in an Alzheimer’s fundraiser in her husband’s memory. Evelyn McGowan Waters was a volunteer for the Catholic church, and she was involved in the community for many years. She was active in the Catholic church, and she was a generous soul. During her time, she was a travel agent, a Meals on Wheels volunteer, and a volunteer for the Alzheimer’s organization. 

She was the wife of a former president. In fact, he was the last of her 11 children. Before she died in December, she was a proud member of the Catholic Church, and she volunteered with Meals on Wheels for many years. Eventually, she will be laid to rest at Sage Hill Cemetery in High Point. 

Although her death has left a hole in the hearts of her family and friends, she will always be remembered as a loving and caring person. Her contributions to the community and her work with Meals on Wheels will be missed.