What Does Water Cooler Mean? 

A water cooler is a water dispenser or fountain that is connected to the main water supply of a building. These units are often installed in commercial buildings like hospitals, schools, businesses, and other facilities where a facility manager is present to monitor the installation and maintenance of the unit. 

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The water dispensed from these units can be hot, cold, or room temperature. They also contain a reservoir or tank of chilled water that can be filled or depleted by a lever or push button on the front of the device. This allows users to drink a large quantity of chilled water in one sitting without having to wait for a continuous supply of cold water from the mains. 

There are many different types of water coolers available in the market. They vary in size, style, and feature set, as well as being designed to meet local, state, or federal codes for use within the building. 

Some variants of wall-mounted coolers can also include a bottle-filling unit, which is designed to dispense water bottles directly from the unit. These are increasingly common in public places like airports and railway stations where users are encouraged to save single-use plastic water bottles as part of a general initiative against plastic pollution. 

Bottle filling systems may also have an automatic waste disposal mechanism to recycle unused water. In addition, they can be equipped with a sensor that detects when water is not used and then turns off the unit. 

Another type of wall-mounted water dispenser is one that dispenses cold water by spraying a stream of water up from the bottom of a basin. This is known as a water fountain and typically comes with a large button on the front or side of the machine, which activates the spray. 

These units can also be equipped with a mixer system that dispenses carbonated water by mixing the cold water with compressed CO2. This is an excellent option for users who are concerned about the health effects of sugary beverages and it provides a more sustainable alternative to purchasing sweetened drinks. 

This type of unit can be purchased in various styles, with some having a traditional rounded square edge design while others have contoured basins protruding from the wall and some even come with bi-level designs. In addition, some can be recessed to fit a specific location in the office space. 

A water cooler is a great way to get employees together and build a strong, supportive workplace culture that will encourage them to work harder and stay with the company longer. It is also a great way to improve employee engagement in a business, regardless of industry. 

Lastly, some water coolers are equipped with an optional carbonated beverage dispenser that dispenses chilled sparkling water from the tank. This can be useful for a variety of reasons, including increased demand for healthy beverages and a growing awareness of the health benefits of carbonated water.