What are the signs that a water treatment system needs to be serviced? 

Water treatment systems are designed to provide you with great-tasting, clean water that is free of hard water and other contaminants. But like any machinery, they can wear out or break down over time and need to be serviced to keep them running safely and efficiently. 

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There are a number of signs that your water treatment system needs to be serviced. These include: 

Spikes in your water bill.

If you notice a spike in your water bills, this could be a sign that your water filtration system isn’t working as it should and needs to be inspected by a WaterCare professional. This can be caused by a range of factors, including an increase in water usage and a change in your household schedules. 

White powdery residue on your faucets and shower heads may indicate that your water filtration system isn’t removing all of the contaminants in your water. This can be a result of water containing minerals that aren’t removed by the system and should be a concern. 

Scale buildup on pipes and appliances can also be a sign that your water filtration isn’t performing as it should. This can be a result of a clogged filter or a problem with your water softener. 

Low pressure in your sewage tank.

If the pressure in your sewage tank is low, this means that there is too much wastewater being treated and you will need to take steps to rectify this issue before it leads to other problems. This is often due to a clogged filter or a blockage in the pipework that connects to your tank, but could also be caused by an electrical fault and should be taken care of by a wastewater treatment engineer. 

Unpleasant odor from your sewage plant.

A foul smell coming from the plant is a good indicator that there is something wrong with the system. This can be caused by ineffective pipework, a blockage or chemicals being put down your drains that have killed off the bacteria needed to treat your wastewater effectively. 

Septic system failure is not something that can be avoided, but catching it early can help you avoid expensive and unpleasant repairs. An expert can inspect your system and let you know if it needs replacing or repairing so that you can make a decision for the future. 

The inconsistent blower in your sewage plant.

An inconsistent blower can mean that there is an issue with the air supply to the plant. This could be because there is a clogged filter or a blocked impeller, and a wastewater treatment engineer will be able to find out what the problem is and fix it for you. 

Resin testing: The resin used in industrial water treatment systems should be tested at least once every 18 months and then annually after that if the water has any chlorine or other contaminants. A technician will check the pH and conductivity of the resin, and if necessary replace it to ensure proper disinfection of your water.