Repair Services



Our installs are quick and easy. Generally taking between one to two hours to complete a single system install. 

During the install our service tech can show you how to work your bypass, reset your timer, manually regenerate your system and answer all your questions. 


Emergency Situations

We know life happens and emergencies need to be tended to as soon as possible. Our service tech is always on call for that specific reason. 

However, as we have expanded outside of Missoula we might not be able to reach you for a few hours which is why we install bypasses on our systems. 

Bypasses are a series of levers or switches that you can turn to reroute the water away from your system. If you’re unsure how to work your bypass please contact us and we can instruct you further.

Water testing

We test for all forms of water contaminants including, arsenic, bacteria, metals and fluoride. These water samples are taken by our service tech and delivered to our water lab for analysis. 

Samples taken by the delivery drivers are brought back to the office to be tested in our shop for hardness, iron and pH. 

We offer free basic water testing and consultations!

For more information about our water testing and what we test for, please click on the link below. 


Rebeding Systems

A rebed takes place when the resin or media in you’re system no longer holds a charge or filters correctly. It then needs be replaced with new resin or media. 

This is easily done by bypassing the system, pulling out the distributor tube and replacing the resin or media beds within.

Depending on the system, rebeds are generally needed every six months but some newer systems only need a rebed every five to seven years.

Well Shocks

Well shocks are needed when bacteria is found in your water. They can also be used to help loosen and flush out some of the iron clogging up your lines. 

To successfully shock your well we pour bleach into your wellhead and draw it into your home. 

The bleach has to sit for a minimum of 12 hours, the longer the better, with no water use what so ever. Once the time has passed, either the homeowner or our service tech will flush the lines until the smell of bleach is gone. 

Two to three weeks after the well shock we suggest you have a second bacteria test taken. If the test comes back positive then it’s probably time to look into a UV system.

Filter Changes

Not sure how to change your filters? Have you tried and lost all water pressure? Don’t have that kind of spare time?

We understand!  Not everyone has the time or know how to change their filters every six months, that’s why we offer to do it for you! It doesn’t matter if it’s an R.O. system or extra filter housings, we’ll keep track of your filters and when they need changed out!

Stress free and taken care of because good water matters. Click the link below to learn more about replaceable filters or call us to schedule your next filter change!

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