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What We Deliver

Our Bottled Water

  • – 3 Gallon Bottles
  • – 5 Gallon Bottles
  • – Case of four 1 Gallon Jugs
  • – Cases of twenty-four 16oz Bottles
  • – Case of twenty-four 16oz Custom Labels
  • – 7oz Paper Cups by Sleeve or Case

All our water products are created and bottled in house.

We offer two types of water in all of the previously listed sizes.

  • – Pure Water
  • – Distilled Water

Interested in a Water Cooler?


Salt and Potassium

We offer two salt options and one salt-less option.

Extra Course Rock Salt comes in 50lb bags

Cubed Salt with Resin Clean comes in 40lb bags

Potassium is our salt-less option and comes in 40lb bags

Interested in a Water Softener

Service and Checks

We perform “Service and Checks” about once every six months. 

This is when we send our delivery drivers to your residence where they ask to take a treated water sample. They then bring the sample back to the office to be tested by our Sales Manager. 

Once tested for hardness, iron and pH. The results are recorded in your account for future referencing. 

If/when we find anything amiss with your water (hardness, iron, low pH, bad smell), someone from the office will call to schedule a day to have our service tech come check on your system and fix what ever the problem may be. 


What's Included

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

When delivering salt or potassium, our delivery drivers will bring the salt inside and pour it into the brine tank for you. This gives us not only the ability to help you but also to check on the system and ensure it is still using the right amount of salt. If we find the system to be using too much salt or none at all, the driver will take a water sample back to the office and make a note on the current ticket to let the office staff know something is up. 

When delivering water we will swap out your empty bottles with full ones. We can even switch out the bottle on the cooler while we’re there and store the extra bottles in your preferred location.

When not home our drivers will either make sure to check back and leave a business card or to place the salt or water in a designated location as directed by you. For those who have been customers with us a long time, with and only with the homeowners permission, we will enter their home, garage or crawl space and continue services as usual. 

The same protocol follows for all other services and installations.

Where we deliver

From Missoula:

EAST to Drummond

WEST to St. Regis and Plains

NORTH to Polson and Seeley

SOUTH to Darby and Sula

Including some rare special requests as far as Townsend and Great Falls