Salt and Potassium

Water Softener Salt

The minerals contained in hard water are also negatively charged. When hard water passes over the resin beads, the minerals contained in the water are attracted away from the water and towards the resin beads. At the same time, the sodium ions which had been attached to the resin beads are attracted to the water molecule. This exchange of mineral ions for sodium ions allows the water molecule to maintain a balanced charge.

The water leaving the system is soft and the hard minerals which were in the water are left behind on the resin beads. Periodically these systems need to be refreshed because all of the space for minerals to attach to is taken up. This is where the brine tank comes in. To regenerate the system the resin tank is flushed with saltwater from the brine tank. This causes the salt in the brine to take the place of the minerals on the resin. The minerals and brine solution are then flushed from the system and down the drain, and the system is ready to begin the softening water treatment again.

What is salt used for?

If you have wondered, “how does salt soften water?”, the answer is through the process of ion-exchange.

Ion-exchange water softeners have two or more tanks. One softener tank contains the resin beads, while the other softener tank contains a salty brine solution. The resin beads in the ion-exchange system are positively charged and are coated with negatively charged sodium ions.

Water Softener Salt

Choose your Salt

Rock Salt

Extra Coarse

Sure Soft Extra Coarse is 100% natural, so it works extra hard to deliver perfectly soft water you and your family will love.

  • High-purity salt minimizes brine tank clean-out
  • Extra coarse salt crystals reduce bridging and mushing so systems perform at their optimal level
  • 100% natural with zero additives to provide the high-quality you’re looking for in your water softener salt
  • Effective in all traditional water softeners
  • Certified by NSF
  • Eco-Friendly bags contain 20% recycled materials
  • Available in 50lb bags

Cubed Salt

Resin Clean

Sure Soft CubePlus with Resin Clean is 100% natural and scientifically formulated to keep your softener running smoothly and provide soft water throughout your home.

  •  High-purity compacted salt keeps your water softener operating at peak efficiency
  • High-quality, 100% natural ingredients minimize residue and maintenance on your system
  • Effective for all traditional water softeners
  • Certified by the NSF
  • Eco-Friendly bags contain 20% recycled materials
  • Available in 40lb bags


Sodium Free

With K-Life you not only avoid adding excess sodium to your drinking water, but you also add natural potassium that your body needs .

  • K-Life is sodium free water softener crystals. K-Life uses environmentally friendly potassium to soften water.
  •  Effective in all traditional softeners
  • Certified by the NSF
  • Comes in 40lb bags


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