Reverse Osmosis

What Is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) is accomplished when water pressure pushes water molecules through a semipermeable membrane to remove contaminants from your water.

An R.O. system is composed of two or three pre-filters, a post filter, storage tank, faucet and the R.O. membrane which is composed of a thick poly-amide film that contains tiny pores though which water can flow but contaminant compounds cannot. 

The clean water collects in the storage tank while the impurities are subsequently flushed down the drain. Leaving only fresh, clean drinking water in the storage tank.


Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

  • – Reverse Osmosis filters water
  • – Removes Contaminants and Minerals (Including Sodium)
  • – Better Tasting Water
  • – No Chemicals 
  • – Removes Colors and Odors
  • – Single Faucet Soft Water
  •  – No more Plastic Bottles

Water Softeners

  • – Water Softeners condition water
  • – Replaces Magnesium and Calcium with sodium ions
  • – Natural Tasting Water
  • – Brighter laundry and spotless dishes
  • – Fewer Clogs in Pipes
  • – Whole House Soft Water
  • – Takes the pressure of filtering magnesium and calcium off of R.O. systems
  • – Water still contains Impurities or Contaminants

Many people with R.O. systems also have softeners. This ensures they have whole house treatment (spotless dishes, colorful clothes, etc.) and safe drinking water. R.O. systems remove the need for plastic bottles as clean and healthy water is now coming out of your own special tap!

Curious About Our Water Softeners?

Contaminants Reduced By Reverse Osmosis

ARSENIC (+5) 99.6%
BARIUM 98.8%
CHROMIUM (+6) 99.1%
CHROMIUM (+3) 99.7%
COPPER 99.0%
LEAD 99.3%
RADIUM (226/228) 80.0%
TDS 96.8%

What We Offer

Our top of the line Hague R.O. systems are guaranteed to bring you refreshment of the highest quality. 

Our drivers are trained in R.O. filter replacement to make it quick and easy on you. 

Interested in changing the filter(s) yourself? That’s great! You can ask our service tech all the questions you have or call in for more instruction. 

We keep track of when it’s time to change your R.O. Filter(s) for you! We can deliver the filter(s) when it’s time to change or they can be picked up in store.

Great tasting water is closer than you think! 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The faucet for the R.O. requires a 1 to 1 and 1/4 inch hole drilled into the counter or edge of the sink. When the counter or sink is made of a crack-able substance such as granite, stone or marble, we are then unable to drill and the customer must find an alternative source to create the hole. 

Interested In An R.O. System?