Water Coolers

Our Brands

We work with three great brands in order to provide you with quality equipment.


Our Cooler Options

Dispensing Options

Type of Cooler

  • Hot and Cold
  • Cold only
  • Cook (Room Temp) and Cold
  • Digital Multi-Function
  • Cup Dispensers
  • Top Load
  • Bottom Load
  • Point of Use (Plumbed in Cooler)
  • Counter Top
  • Crock


  • White
  • Black
  • Chrome
  • Pearl
  • Red

Crocks are specially ordered and come in any color or with decorative images.

♦ We rent Point of Use, top, and bottom loading coolers. Our rented coolers come in black or white. All others are specially ordered.

7oz paper cups are available by sleeve or case

Interested in Water and Delivery?

What it means to rent with McGowan

Making sure you and your employees and family always have access to fresh clean water is our top priority.

When renting with McGowan we cover full maintenance. Upon request, we will replace your broken, dirty, or leaking rented cooler with a working clean one at no extra charge. 

Have a home-owned cooler? That’s okay! We can still clean and maintain your cooler at a fair price.

Interested in Renting or Specially Ordering?