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McGowan Water Conditioning is the only independently and locally owned.

and product operated water supply and conditioning company within 100 miles. We have proudly been serving our area for the past 50+ years. Good Water Matters McGowan & Son’s National Soft Water Service, which later became McGowan Water.

Conditioning was started by Lyle “Mac” McGowan in 1955. Mac had worked for Mankato Culligan in Minnesota products until he decided to live the American dream and start his own company.In 1963 Mac passed away at a young age leaving McGowan & Son’s National Soft Water.

Service to his wife, Betty, who put her oldest son, product Jack, in the lead. Jack ran the business for his mother until 1968 when she decided to sell to businessmen from the Mankato area.Jack then moved his family to.

Missoula, MT and since water treatment product was his trade, he and his business partner (Fred) started another McGowan Water Conditioning in 1968. A short time later, Jack sold the Missoula location and moved back to the Mankato area.  Bought by Duane.

(Fred) Friedrichs McGowan Water continued to grow soon expanding outside products of Missoula. 40 years later Fred sold his business to two of his employees, John Binns and Justin Boggs. However, while one partner was.

dedicated to the product expansion and growth of the business, the other was less so, and John soon bought him out of the company. Since then, McGowan Water has continued to expand, exceeding 10,000+ accounts and always.

extending a hand to new communities.We work to supply safe and affordable drinking water and home filtration systems to Missoula and the surrounding areas. Through the years we have not only.

changed our water but we have expanded north to Polson and Seeley, west to Plains, South to Darby and Sula, east to Dummond and all of their surrounding areas. Including some.

special requests as far as Townsend and Great Falls.