How to Make a Water Filtration System at Home?

If you live in a developing country where you may not have access to clean drinking water, you might want to learn how to make a water filtration system at home. These systems are easy to make, and can improve the quality of your tap water. 

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You can build a homemade water filtration system that will filter 12 to 15 gallons of water per day. This is enough for most families. You can use this type of system for camping and off-grid living. It can also be a fun activity for kids. 

To make a water filtration system you will need two containers. The first container is the container that you will place the filtration elements in. Ideally, you will want to find a container with a hole in the bottom. This is because you will need to insert the stem of the filter through the hole. 

Once you have found the right container, you are ready to start the assembly. The trick to making this project work is to fill it slowly. After you have filled it with water, you should wait at least seven or eight minutes before pouring it out. That way, you won’t have an overflow. 

For the more observant of you, you might want to check out the materials you will need to make the device. Some of the items you will need include the following: a plastic bottle, a rubber band, a small tree branch, a cable tie, a fine grain sand layer, a ceramic filter cartridge, and a spout. 

There are many types of filtration techniques. Some work better than others at filtering dirt, color, and other pollutants. For instance, a cotton bandana works well as a filter. Similarly, a fine grain sand layer can remove particles from your drinking water. 

A more elaborate system uses a siphon to draw the water from the source. This requires a bit more manual labor. On the plus side, this is a more cost-effective solution. In addition, you can filter a larger quantity of water using this method. 

Another filtration method has you place a tree branch inside your hose. The xylem tissue will help with the filtering process. While this might not be the most elegant solution, it is certainly the simplest. 

Alternatively, you can build a DIY water filtration system by combining a 2-liter soda bottle with a bucket. This system has been a hit on survivalist shows and is a great educational activity for the kiddos. 

Getting the most out of this aforementioned project can be done with the assistance of an adult. However, even a child could put together a similar water filter for themselves. Whether they are using it as a science fair project or for recreational purposes, a water filter is always a fun idea. Using it in a fun and interesting way can teach your child about the importance of clean drinking water, and the importance of the best possible care.