How to Clean Your Water Cooler? 

Cleaning your water cooler is an important part of maintaining your water quality. When a cooler is dirty, it is a breeding ground for harmful germs and bacteria. In order to prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you clean your cooler at least every six months. If you do not perform this maintenance, your water may taste funny or be dangerous to drink. 

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To keep your cooler clean, you should empty it from time to time and make sure that you do not use bleach or vinegar as a cleaning solution. These cleaners can be incredibly toxic if used too often or if they are mixed incorrectly, so it is best to use them only as instructed by the manufacturer. 

A few other things that are essential to keeping your cooler clean include unplugging the unit before you start cleaning it, using a small cork or plug (depending on your model), and making sure that you drain any remaining water before you clean it. This will also help to ensure that your cooler is safe to work on, as you can’t accidentally run the unit through hot water while cleaning it, so always be sure to unplug before you begin to do any work on it. 

Remove the lid and baffle on your cooler and rinse them off with warm soapy water. If your cooler has a stainless steel reservoir, you can use a solution of detergent and bleach dissolved in a few liters of water to thoroughly clean the inside of the reservoir. 

You can also wash the plastic guard that holds the bottle in place and the water taps with mild dish soap and warm water. Then you can reinstall the baffle and lid and insert a new water bottle into the cooler. 

Once the parts are clean, you can refill the reservoir with your preferred sanitizing solution. This can be chlorine bleach or distilled white vinegar. If you choose to use bleach, make sure to dilute it correctly and do not leave it in for too long, as this can cause your water to taste sour or be harmful to your health. 

Fill the cooler with the sanitizing solution, and then wait for it to sit in there for about five minutes before draining it through the cold spigot. Repeat this process until there is no sanitizing solution left in the cooler. 

Rinse the cooler several times to remove all of the sanitizing solutions from the reservoir and spigots. If there are any traces of sanitizer remaining, rinse the cooler again to make sure that all of the residues are gone. 

When you’re finished with the sanitizing process, refill the cooler and plug it back in. It’s also a good idea to use a clean, lint-free towel when doing this, as it will protect the interior of your cooler from any chemicals that may be left behind by the sanitizing solution. 

After you’ve cleaned your water cooler, you can return the lid and baffle to their respective positions, insert a fresh bottle of Absopure water into the dispenser, and then plug it back in. This will restore your cooler to working condition and will keep it healthy for you to use for many years.