How Many Water Bottles Fit in a Water Bottle Cooler? 

Keeping your drinks cold is a priority, especially when the weather is warm and humid. The best way to do this is to get a water bottle cooler and use an insulated water bottle. 

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Whether you’re going on a weekend camping trip or simply want to stay cool at the office, a water bottle cooler can be the perfect way to keep your drinks chilled. But how many bottles can fit in a cooler? 

The number of bottles that fit in a cooler depends on several factors. The size of the cooler is one of them, as is the shape and lid of the bottle you choose. 

Another consideration is the weight of the bottle you choose, which will impact how many bottles it can hold. You’ll also need to consider the location of the cooler, as you don’t want it catching direct sunlight, which can cause it to heat up and make your water go bad. 

If your budget allows, a top-mount spigot is a good way to save space and avoid the hassle of moving heavy water bottles around. These spigots are easy to install and can be used by anyone, including kids. 

The best-insulated bottle for storing hot liquids is the Thermos Funtainer, a 12-ounce bottle designed for children of all ages that keeps liquids warm and comes with its own straw. It’s also lightweight and leakproof, and it even fits into most school bags. 

Taking into account the size, shape, and style of the water bottle that fits in your cooler, it’s clear that a bottom-load or a top-mount water bottle dispenser is the smartest choice. And if you’re interested in a more portable alternative, check out the Bevigloo Can Cooler, which holds up to 3x more than the standard 12 oz soda can.