What is in your water?

While some minerals, such as calcium, are needed for us to survive, most minerals in excess can be dangerous to your health & to your homes health. Montana water has numerous different contaminates that can be dangerous to your health. For instance, arsenic is very common in south western Montana, and is very dangerous to your health. Testing your water is not a “want” it is a need.

If your water is too acidic or basic it may taste weird and be harmful to your health. 

Bacteria in any form in water is dangerous.

Testing your water is very important. Contact Us

Our clients say

"I had my water tested because it had an odor. After testing we realized that our water, which is city water, is not healthy. "
Hilary L
Mother of 4
"I have to serve my customer's only the best in everything I offer. Going with McGowan was the obvious choice. They did a free water hardness test and installed a rental softener for me. I have no complaints so far, wonderful people."
Hall R
Business owner
"My team depends on good water to stay hydrated throughout their games. Traveling to different areas and competing has worried me for some time because I don't know the quality of water the kids are drinking. And bottled water is expensive! Glad I went with McGowan. "
Quintin A
"It's important that my students stay hydrated so they can pay attention to the lesson plans. Not only is McGowan's spring water delicious, but they are also very timely with deliveries."
Jillie T
Art Teacher