About Us


We opened our doors in 1968. Happy to have been serving south western MT for the last 50 years!


We are the ONLY locally owned water conditioning & supply company in south western MT.


Since we are the only local non-franchise we are able to pick & choose only the BEST products.

The difference shows

We are a company deeply rooted in Montana’s history. So, we hold our small town values close to heart & keep ourselves accountable. Proud to have been serving Missoula, Polson, Darby, St Regis, Drummond, Seeley Lake & all the cities between for the last 50 years. We value each and every one of our customers because we are a locally owned (the only locally owned water conditioning company in Missoula) company. Each day we will strive to put a smile on each of our customer’s faces, whether that be through routine service, deliveries, or in store pickups. Overall we offer a wide arrange of product’s to fit every individuals needs. Stop in, or give us a call to get your water on track to being the best!

Our owners, John and Angie are life long Montanan’s who strive to be engaged with their community. As a whole, McGowan strives to donate our services to charitable causes such as relay for life. We love the community that we serve and so we hope to see it grow & thrive down the line.